Oikos yogurt

I’m a yogurt junkie, but I don’t make it myself.  I adore Fage Greek-style yogurt, but the nearest source of Fage is 20 miles from my house.  So I was pretty stoked to see organic Oikos with honey at my local Wal-Mart.  (Yes, we semi-rural folks have limited options when it comes to groceries, but the lack of gourmet groceries is worth the improved access to locally grown & slaughtered meat, among other things.)  Anyway, Oikos is the Greek-style yogurt made by Stonyfield Farms…so even though I bought my yogurt at the world’s largest retailer (and largest public corporation), my purchase helped support American agriculture.

4 thoughts on “Oikos yogurt

    • If I’m using it for cooking/recipes, I’ll buy the full-fat. For my lunchbag, I generally stick to the 0% or 2%. I could eat yogurt, honey, and nuts every single day.

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