Used food books

Blue Cypress books (8126 Oak Street, between Carrollton & Dante, New Orleans, LA) has a nice selection of used food books.  I picked up the Galatoire’s cookbook, one of Tony Chachere’s original cookbooks, and some other odds & ends last week; a whole bag of books cost just $20.  Even better, Blue Cypress’s Elizabeth Ahlquist buys books on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  She’ll pay cash, or give you slightly better value in store credit.  I unloaded a whole stack of gently used food non-fiction & cookbooks.  If the food books at Blue Cypress don’t satisfy your appetite, you can pop across the street to Gelato Pazzo for a hazelnut/white chocolate gelato….or swing next door for a snowball at Queen of the Ball.  Can you tell that I’m all about Oak Street these days?

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