The latest in nasty from Taco Bell

Introducing (drumroll, please) the BlackJack taco…..a charcoal-colored taco shell filled with the usual Taco Bell crud.  ‘Cause the color black is so Halloween, so edgy, so…utterly unappealing.  This nasty baby weighs in at 210 calories; not so bad, ’til you discover that 150 calories are pure fat! Whoo-whee….if I’m gonna eat something with a fat content that high, I’m going straight for a graton*; at least it doesn’t need an ingredients label…

*fried pork fat w/skin attached

2 thoughts on “The latest in nasty from Taco Bell

  1. I just saw this commercial on Sunday and couldn’t imagine how this product happened. Maybe I’m less in touch with Taco Bell customers than I imagined.

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