Shoestring potatoes

P8010497Thin-cut french fry fans, rejoice!  The new-to-New-Orleans burger franchise Flamin’ Burger (504-305-2427, 2009 Williams Blvd, Kenner, LA) dishes up handcut, hot, fresh, shoestring fries.  The once-common julienne fry is now hard to find, having lost ground to medium-cut, skin-on, seasoned fries, double thick steak fries, and all manner of potato perversions (tater tots, I’m talking ’bout YOU).

Thankfully, Flamin’ Burger brings back the simple, straighforward shoestring.  FB also sells pretty good griddled burgers & hot dogs, but go for the fries.  Chili & (liquid) cheese availble to garnish said fries, for those seeking a fix.

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