DC interlude: decent food at a Smithsonian museum

P6060298Yes, it is possible to have decent food inside a Smithsonian museum on the Mall in DC!  Aside from the cold lunch buffet (and gelato) at the National Gallery of Art, the mall-area museums don’t offer much food for grownups, with one bright, shining exception.  Mitsitam Cafe, inside the National Museum of the American Indian, offers foods from native North and South America.  Pupusas, totopos, tamales, cedar plank salmon, roasted turkey, buffalo chili, quinoa, potatoes, hominy & beans…all these and more are organized geographically into regional clusters.  Slow-cooked, pulled buffalo on a whole wheat bun was delicious…light-years better than the McDonald’s fare and “Smithsonian” hot dogs at the National Air & Space Museum next door.

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