Big Green Egg break officially over

p42601631Well, the Big Green Egg break lasted two whole days:  tt’s straight back to the grilling life for me.  As of late, I’m trying to use the BGE’s residual heat to cook things after I damp down the fire.  Eggplants took the treatment nicely:  roasted in the retained heat, they blackened and collapsed into tender goodness in 15-20 minutes.

p4260164Roasted eggplants make a wonderful base for babaganoush and other pureed dips.  Once roasted, the eggplants are fine in the fridge for a day or two.  I scooped out the flesh and pureed it with Fage 0% greek yogurt, a clove of garlic, a splash of olive oil, a pinch of salt, and a handful of torn fresh mint from the backyard.  The resulting spread is delicious on flatbread, crackers (I can’t get enough of those Ak-Mak Armenian flatbreads!), or used as a sandwich spread (try it on toasted ciabatta with sprouts, sliced tomato, sliced cucumber, and a few feta crumbles).

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