Big Green Egg: first fire

p4160133Did you ever purchase something and realize shortly thereafter you’d inadvertently joined a cult of owners?  The Big Green Egg cult has me now.  I popped out of bed this morning and fired it up for the first time…. 

Lighting it is as easy as filling the firebox with lump charcoal, tucking in a parrafin firestarter, and applying a match.  Within 2 or 3 minutes, several coals burned merrily, so I closed the lid, opened the lower vent and upper damper, and tried to be patient.

While I was pressing a blob of pizza dough flat, slathering it with marinara, and sprinkling it with cheese, that sucker reached 650 degrees!

p41601351The BGE’s quick heating is legendary, but how would it perform with the added thermal mass of a plate setter AND a pizza stone without a long preheating?  I popped on the plate setter & stone, waited as long as I could stand it (maybe 15 minutes), and slid the pizza on the stone.  After 2-3 minutes, I carefully raised the lid and slid the parchment out from beneath the crust.

With the upper damper fully open, I could peep inside without lifting the lid, making it convenient to watch for cheese bubbling & browning.


p41601361Within 7 minutes, I had a lovely pizza, charred in spots, browned on the bottom, and crisp-tender all over.  It wasn’t overly smoky in flavor, but rather had a nice wood-oven aroma.

Why eat leftover cold pizza when you can have fresh, piping hot neapolitan style pizza within 25 minutes of lighting the coals? 

I can’t wait to try a loaf of bread!  Too bad my sourdough starters all failed…

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