Bacon on the Big Green Egg

p4160137Man cannot live by pizza (for breakfast) alone, so why not grilled bacon?  Cheap, thin sliced supermarket bacon is elevated to sublime status by a few minutes on a 500 degree grill.  Imagine how thick sliced peppered bacon would turn out….or praline bacon, sprinkled with brown sugar and pecans? 

Three cheers for the BGE!

5 thoughts on “Bacon on the Big Green Egg

  1. “Why not grilled bacon?”

    Because when you grill it you lose the fat. How can you cook gumbo without a collection of bacon fat?

  2. Never fear, I have a container of bacon grease in the fridge (though I don’t usually use it for a roux, I do use it in cornbread). Let me tell you, if you tasted the grilled bacon, you wouldn’t give a damn about the lost fat.

  3. Once again, so jealous right now…

    Speaking of thick cut bacon, once I bought some thick cut bacon at the meat market and we put it on the pit to combine with burgers or what not. Soon after, we decided to put the slices in tin foil and let them cook…

    Well, we neglected this little package a bit too long, or so we thought. We opened it to find a pool of bacon grease boiling the slices to the point that they were VERY well done. End result= best gratons I ever ate!

    I couldn’t imagine what a BGE would do to a pound of thick cut cooked that way!

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