Yin and yang

p3150089Pair a 97% lean turkey burger with a homemade, 20% butter brioche roll: a delicious combination that manages to eliminate all traces of “healthy eating” connected to the turkey burger.  A handful of spring mix, a smear of creole mustard, and you’ll still get enough saturated fat to slow down your coronary arteries.

Butter makes everything better, especially bread.  Brioche ranks near the top of my “favorite breads” list, provided that you don’t have to knead in the butter by hand (messy and challenging).  A stand mixer handles the job with ease, and you won’t have to clean butter from your fingernails for a week.  Plus, brioche makes the best toast ever–it’s already buttered!  I’m partial to the “poor man’s brioche” recipe in Reinhart’s Bread Baker’s Apprentice: enough butter to create the melting texture and fine crumb, but not too greasy to be used as a sandwich bread.

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