Brown baggin’ it

p2260075The brown-bag lunch is a great way to stick to your nutritional goals, with the added benefit of being economical.  But I frequently fall into  the same old salad-granola-fruit rut! 

Packing a lunch on autopilot:  a Kashi bar, whatever fresh fruit threatens to go bad first, whatever raw veggies lurk in the crisper.  Ultimately boring as hell, which leads me to quit packing my lunch for a few days….or weeks.  And then I discovered that my favorite Kashi bars were part of the tainted peanut butter recall.  Blech!

p3020077So I decided to make more of an effort this week, and avoid the same-old, ho-hum.

Today’s lunch bag contains leftover seared tuna & sliced avocado on spring mix, with ginger dressing, and for dessert, fresh local strawberries & greek vanilla yogurt.

3 thoughts on “Brown baggin’ it

  1. And if you really want to get creative with it join the ranks of Bento fans. Google image “Bento” for some really nifty ideas.

    Pass me one of those strawberries, would ya?

    Drop by my back porch and I’ll make you some Strawberry Lemonade.

    • Bentos are lovely, but I’m too lazy to pack up so many diff things…..I’d rather just grab a hunk of one thing, or just a couple. And I’ve eaten enough bad cold sushi from the refrigerator case to last me a lifetime–who convinced Americans that cold-ass sushi was edible?

  2. Oh, I too have no interest in hello kitty shaped food or the time to make it. However, there does seem to be quite a following. I believe some people feel they are losing something by NOT purchasing a lunch. So they turn it into a hobby.

    To each his own…

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