Smoked paprika chicken

p1300075The closest supermarket to my house is an ordinary Winn-Dixie.  Terrible produce, no in-house butcher, silly buy-one-get-one-free sales:  your typical U.S. chain supermarket.  Except that it has suddenly started stocking Murray’s chickens.  To celebrate the arrival of a decent chicken within a mile of home, I split one of Murray’s finest in two, rubbed it with a puree made of equal parts smoked Spanish paprika, meyer lemon juice, olive oil & garlic, then roasted it for an hour at 400 degrees with chunks of red potato, onion, a handful of portobella mushrooms, some chopped parsley, and salt & pepper.

p1300077Roasting in a Le Creuset buffet pan worked like a charm; the cast iron retained enough heat to keep the chicken sizzling even as I removed it from the oven to shuffle the potatoes & onions around a bit.  It all made for a nice Friday lunch.  Perhaps, with Murray’s around the corner, home roasted chickens will regain the status of weeknight supper at my house.

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