A good reason to live in Louisiana

pc0305561Fresh, locally grown strawberries in December!  Johnson Farms of Tangipahoa parish sells strawberries at the Crescent City Farmer’s Market; the berries grow outdoors in 300-ft rows, protected from nighttime low temperatures by an agricultural cloth blanket.  At $3 per pint, the price is fair and the taste is delicious.  Sliced over Fage 0% plain yogurt with nuts & the Cancellas’ honey from St. Charles parish, strawberries are part of my favorite bag lunch.

2 thoughts on “A good reason to live in Louisiana

  1. Yes, that certainly takes the sting out of the worst health rating in the country and subpar higher education, as the TP pointed out today and yesterday. When all else fails, at least we can have a nice lunch.

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