Attention, Kitchenology proprietors (4230 Vets Blvd, Metairie, LA):  you’ve earned a D in brand management.  According to your website, “Kitchenology is an immersive appliance and cooking store designed around your passion for the kitchen.”  So why in the hell do you have a single recipe posted on your website–and it calls for Campbell’s fat-free cream of mushroom soup?  Anyway, this relatively new store sponsors a show Tuesdays at 7:30 pm on Cox Cable channel 10.  I have DirecTV, so I haven’t seen it.  Based on their recipe selection for the web, I’m not missing much!

2 thoughts on “Anti-brand-management

  1. Celeste,
    You aren’t missing anything. That show makes Sandra Lee look like Escoffier. They bring in top New Orleans Chefs (read here: country club chefs from Baton Rouge) to cook local delicacies (read here: cubed steak with diced red peppers over instant rice).

  2. How disappointing! We could use a grassroots cooking show…too bad they’re not tapping into the wealth of local cooking talent.

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