Only two more days…

French Food Fest 2006

French Food Fest 2006

…to the French Food Festival! 

Here’s the 2008 schedule of events.  This page (pardon last year’s schedule) has driving directions toward the bottom. 

During the drive, watch out for cane-hauling trucks and slow-moving tractors, as the sugarcane grinding season is now in full swing.  Gustav and Ike delayed the harvest, so farmers are making up for lost time and taking advantage of good weather.

Hopefully, we’ll have some purple chewing cane to gnaw on this weekend…fewer people than ever plant a few stalks of chewing cane in their gardens.  I guess I’ll have to carve out a corner of my backyard for chewing cane–if I can’t find any locally, I can always order some via the Internet.

2 thoughts on “Only two more days…

  1. Celeste,

    What kind of food is offered at the festival? The website doesn’t seem to list vendors, and I’m considering going, but I’d like to know what I’m in for.


  2. We don’t have any commercial vendors, just groups of families, friends, co-workers, etc. who do all of the cooking. In addition to our seafood gumbo, you’ll find fried fish, fried oysters, jambalaya, grillades (the grilled country kind), boudin, pork roti (pork stew w/onions), fried crab claws, alligator sauce piquante, meat pies, stuffed pistolettes, shrimp boulettes, oyster stew, shrimp fettucini, red beans & rice, funnel cakes, and the usual complement of kiddie foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, roast beef poboys, and shrimp poboys.

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