Time flies…

I quit blogging years ago, and I closed up my farmer’s market baking business in 2019.  Meanwhile, I’m back to being a serious home baker who often sketches what she eats.  Hope everyone is surviving freaky 2020 without too many dents.img_7997

8 thoughts on “Time flies…

  1. Now there’s an angle I hadn’t considered. A baking-themed kids book….ha! Thanks for reading over the years. Who knows, Covid isolation might drive me back to blogging.

    • I’ve enjoyed your blogs immensely over the years! I thank you for your help in guiding me to finally buying my big green egg (and “mini”) and for the wonderful recipes (never thought a boneless pork loin could turn out so good), recommendations and guidance you’ve provided in such a fun/funny, inspiring and perfectly communicated way. You’re a piece of my culinary self and I am grateful. (How about a cookbook featuring your illustrations?!) And, yes…”back to blogging” is a GREAT idea! 😉

      • Thanks, Joel, for the kind words. My poor BGE is in need of a new gasket and a clean burn, as it’s too darn hot to want to cook right now, much less cook *outside*. Appreciate your reading, after all these years…..

        • My hot and humid summertime crutch has been my little GMG Davy Crockett pellet grill. Only outside long enough to plop the food in there, hook up it’s meat thermometer, then run back into the A/C with the smartphone monitor/control app. Somewhat of a compromise food-wise but not a bad one.

  2. Good to hear from you again. Shortly before Covid messed everything up, JoAnn and I had lunch at Willie Mae’s Scotch House with Todd Price and talked about the rebuilding project and the people we worked with. Hope to see you again, in better times. Pedro Scurlock

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