New & improved jambalaya calculator

What do you get when you mix Excel and Louisiana food culture?  Stadium Rat’s Jambalaya Calculator, a handy guide to making large-quantity pots of jambalaya, created by TigerDroppings food and drink message board frequent poster Stadium Rat.

The 2014 edition is multi-tabbed extravaganza allows you to scale up or down, generating appropriate ingredient ratios for up to 25 gallons of rice-y goodness.  You can re-figure the recipe according to servings needed, size of pot, or amount of ingredients on hand.  The latest version of the Jambalaya Calculator even includes a list of ingredient & equipment vendors, with web links; step-by-step instructions, complete with photos; and a pastalaya recipe.

If you liked Michael Ruhlman’s Ratio book, app, or chart, you’ll love the jambalaya calculator.

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