Thirteen days to finish Christmas shopping

Just a short stretch remains to finish holiday shopping.  Here are a few last-minute food & kitchen-related gift ideas, in case you need inspiration:

  • John Boos’ iBlock:  a combination mobile device stand and cutting board, in your choice of maple, cherry, or walnut.  It comes with plastic protective sleeves for your iPad, and the cutting board features cut-outs for easy lifting and transport.  The base holds your mobile device and also stores the cutting board while not in use.  Read more about it here.
  • Zingerman’s Bacon of the Month Club.  Exactly what it sounds like:  a monthly delivery of artisanal bacons from around the country.  Suitable for everyone (okay, not for those keeping kosher or vegetarians.  But everyone else, yes).  Zingerman’s has a variety of monthly food gift clubs, ranging from breads and pastry to exotic international foods.
  • For the people who can’t or won’t do bacon, how about Blanca Isabel purple rice?  Bred and grown in Louisiana, it is packed with anti-oxidants.  The purplish-black color (when raw) cooks into a nice lavender shade.  Blanca Isabel is sold locally at Rouse’s Supermarkets.
  • cast iron skillet.  Your local hardware store probably sells Lodge brand skillets.  For around $20, you can give an instant heirloom.
  • Or, if you’re flush with cash, order a custom, $500 silver-lined copper skillet, engraved with the recipient’s name, made a single artisan in a tiny village in France.  It is guaranteed to surprise the proverbial person who has everything…

‘Tis the season, my friends:  go forth and give.

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