(Almost) all four seasons in one day

IMG_0508-001Winter to spring to fall and back to winter again describes recent weather.  The camellia shrubs are still blooming, so they still think it’s winter.  Meanwhile, the azaleas and purple magnolias are popping; score two points for spring.  Personally, I’m more than ready for warmer weather:  no jackets, more sun, lighter food.

Martin’s Wine Cellar recently encouraged my springtime frame of mind with a daily special crab salad (pictured).  A mound of crabmeat over cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, lightly dressed with a soy-wasabi-mustard vinaigrette, it chased away my lingering winter blues and made me think about crabbing on Grand Isle beach.

Listening to the new Nonc Nu & the Wild Matous’ release “Grand Isle Beach” helps, too.  How do you chase away the late winter, almost spring, in-between seasons funk?

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