When no one’s looking…

IMG_0455Here’s what I eat when no one’s around to comment:  oil-packed tuna mixed with smashed avocado and diced cornichons.

I know, it looks greeenish and kinda gross.  I admit it’s an acquired taste, but I enjoy it on saltines or toasted olive bread.

Or straight off the spoon–no one’s looking, right?

4 thoughts on “When no one’s looking…

  1. Fabulous combination. I stopped making tuna salad because of the bad fat in commercial mayo, I will substitute avocados. You may want to think about Wild Planet tuna that has 3 g of omega 3 and much
    Less mercury. It’s in Whole Foods.

  2. Haha, I eat EXACTLY the same thing!!! It’s my favourite easy combination, usually rolled up in some soft wholewheat pita bread or piled into a crusty baguette. By the way, this is my first visit to your blog… and I absolutely love it. I’m from Perth, Western Australia, but it’s nice to know that certain snacks translate across the globe. Can’t wait to delve into your archives… a lot of the food you eat is completely different to the norm over here. I love how the blogsphere makes the world a tiny bit smaller 😉

    • Warm climate dwellers do share some culinary similarities, though, don’t we? Thanks for reading, and enjoy your tuna/avocado!

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