Comfort food

IMG_0427Rainy weather has me craving comfort food….which, more often than not, means cheese and bread.  I could eat (good) cheese and (good) bread three times a day, if only cholesterol and saturated fat didn’t matter.  Today, I’m indulging in a Brie de Meaux and ham on baguette from St. James Cheese Co., but the cheese-n-bread urge is easily satisfied at Cowbell, which features a different “adult” grilled cheese and soup combo daily, or  Tartine (home of another excellent ham and brie sandwich), or Gracious Bakery (herbed goat cheese on baguette).  How about Satsuma’s MBT (mozzarella, basil, and tomato) sandwich or Il Posto’s grilled gorgonzola, honey, and walnut panino?  Don’t forget Merchant’s goat cheese and roasted red pepper crostini….

So many cheese sandwiches….so little time.

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