Gosling’s ginger beer

It’s so hot:  all I want to do is float in the pool and drink Gosling’s ginger beer with a little lime.  (Rum is optional.)  Look for Gosling’s at The Wine Seller (5000 Prytania St, New Orleans, LA), which is conveniently located next door to St. James Cheese Company….cheese & charcuterie from St. James is my favorite too-hot-too-cook meal.

5 thoughts on “Gosling’s ginger beer

    • Ginger beer doesn’t have alcohol, but it is brewed (naturally fermented to produce the carbonation). Ginger ale is merely carbonated & flavored. Thus ginger beer has bite–it can be quite hot (especially Reed’s). It is usually a little less sweet than ginger ale.

      Try (good quality) root beer as a poaching liquid some time…can be interesting.

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