First Costco, now Trader Joe’s

Yes, Louisiana is finally getting a Trader Joe’s store.  According to the Baton Rouge Advocate, the state’s first Trader Joe’s will open in Baton Rouge’s Acadian Village development, located at Acadian Thruway and Perkins Road, in 2013.  This development will also house the capitol city location of Galatoire’s Bistro.

5 thoughts on “First Costco, now Trader Joe’s

    • I’m a fan of Rouse’s, though I have no local store to call my own. My neighborhood grocery is a WinnDixie. It has terrible produce, but it does stock King Arthur flour.

  1. Geeze, a TJ’s, maybe we really could live in Louisiana again. And then there’s that new store on St. Charles — is it open yet? How is it?

    • It’s a Fresh Market…think it is supposed to open very soon–this week or next. I’ve shopped at Fresh Markets in other cities; they’re okay for slightly upscale groceries. Not quite at the level of, say, a Central Market, though.

  2. Fresh Market is opening tomorrow at 9 a.m. according to the store website. I’m just hoping it’s better than Breaux Mart which I find to be dismal.

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