Toute de Suite

Ever walk into a coffeeshop or cafe and wish it was in “your” neighborhood? Coffeehouse fare isn’t something I cross town to eat. But I wandered into Toute de Suite (347 Verret St) in Algiers Point recently and immediately thought: I wish this place was on my street. Now, TduS isn’t a fancy spot–it’s more scruffy that chic, with bentwood chairs, local newspapers laminated onto the tabletops, and a menu heavy on breakfast and vegetarian options. What it has in spades is personality: nothing slick or corporate, no uniformed servers…just real people, real food, and local character. If I lived in the ‘hood, I would be a regular…

2 thoughts on “Toute de Suite

  1. Good to know — it is run by our former next door neighbors. We always wished for a really good neighborhood restaurant while we lived there, but places tended to come and go. What were you up to in the Point?

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