And the line forms now…

Down at the corner of Tchoupitoulas and Bordeaux Streets in uptown New Orleans, the red “72” has become a “73”*…a sign of spring as certain as oak pollen, the Mississippi River rising, and buckmoth caterpillars dropping from the sky.  Mark your calendars:  Hansen’s Sno-Bliz opens for the season on Friday, March 9th at 1:00 pm (according to Hansen’s Facebook page).  What could be better than 80-degree late winter weather?  80 degrees and a sno-bliz, of course.  A coconut-chocolate for me, thanks…or maybe a cardamom-coconut…or a cherry-lemonade….or the fantastic pink “snobliz” flavor…..

See you there.

*The “73” counts the number of years that Hansen’s has air-conditioned the bellies of a grateful public.

2 thoughts on “And the line forms now…

  1. I knew just from reading the subject line of the email containing this post that you must be writing about sno-balls. One more thing to get homesick about this time of year. I’ll have to settle for our local frozen custard and Italian ice stand. Not the same!

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