Coming in 2012

What will 2012 bring?  I’m looking forward to sharing some old-school Cajun recipes with you–the kind of things never seen in restaurants, rarely seen in cookbooks, and all too often overlooked by outsiders.  (More on those recipes later).

In the resolutions department, I will try to waste less food and to buy foods with less packaging (good-bye, prewashed plastic clamshell lettuces; hello, salad spinner!)  I made a tiny stride toward less packaging yesterday…my favorite Kashi TLC bars aren’t packaged in a box anymore.  The six bars are bundled together by a nifty, recyclable adhesive label.  Just peel away the label to release a bar–what a fantastic solution!  Less cardboard packaging means less waste AND less weight, which reduces the energy expended to get the bar into my local store.

What are your food goals for 2012?

6 thoughts on “Coming in 2012

  1. Food 2012? Keep it fresh, keep it simple, and keep it as close to the way nature made it as possible.

  2. My resolution around food includes to waste less, eat more variety and smaller portions, drink less alchol (by half), and less salt. I’ve switched to more fruits and vegetables (at least 10 different ones each day) as the more I read current studies indicates that each has different beneficial chemicals (antioxidants and such) and they often act synergestically.
    Sound kind of boring I suppose but it is fun to learn about new vegetables and fruits and Whole Foods is a great place to find new stuff. I’ll judge the results by how I feel (more energetic, less pain, etc.).

  3. That would be fair as onions, garlic, and bell peppers all have different chemicals in them that are beneficial. For example, this is what WH Foods says about onions:

    Tonight I made some quacamole, that had avacodos, onion, garlic, cilantro, and I counted them all.

    So today I had blueberries, apple, mango, parsley, tomato, cauliflower roasted, brocolli, and the other ones above. I’ll probably finish w/ some cranberries on cereal.

  4. At the risk of sounding redundant, eat fresh, cook at home, and always keep in mind what grandma used to say, “no compromises when it comes to good eating; always the best”. You will love your salad spinner, a worthwile investment.

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