Nutria rodeo

UPDATE:  Read here for the 2013 event.

Fancy a taste of nutria spaghetti?  Try a bite at this Saturday’s Nutria Rodeo, an invasive-species roundup in Golden Meadow, LA, at the town’s Oakridge Park, from 11 am to 5 pm on December 3, 2011.  The brainchild of South Lafourche High School student Aaron Guidry, the Nutria Rodeo is sponsored by Sassafras Louisiana, a coastal restoration and preservation oriented youth organization, and it is designed to promote awareness of the threat of non-native species to Louisiana’s coastal ecosystem.  He dreamed up the event to fulfill his required senior-year project.

if you find the buck-toothed nutria too ugly to eat, the event offers other foods, including roasted pig.

Participants will compete for cash and prizes by bringing in non-native species (nutria, Asian carp, feral swine, coyotes).  Yes, that does mean animals will be killed.  That’s the point of the whole endeavor, see?  If you’d like to participate, you need a rodeo ticket; buy one here.  If you have a hunting license, the limit is four intact nutria (trappers can have more animals and are only required to retain the tails to receive a bounty payment).  For the trigger-happy, there are no limits on feral swine, coyotes, or Asian carp.

See the Advocate’s coverage of the story, and read about it at WWL-TV.

4 thoughts on “Nutria rodeo

  1. I was eating nurtia before most. My uncle was a trapper back in the 60’s. Every once in awhile my father would request a carcass and cook it. I would partake. It is a nice clean animal that eats only vegetation (roots of marsh plants I am told). If you eat rabbit you should enjoy nutria. Of course if it was skinned improperly there might some consequences.

  2. I tried Nutria when I lived in DE prior to 1997 — it was grilled and not that good. After leaving DE, I joined a wildfoods group that shares monthly potluck lunches and so we prepared Nutria for them. We found we like muskrat or rabbit much better than Nutria

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