French Food Festival, next weekend

This time next weekend, the big gumbo pots will be filled with shrimp, oysters, crab, sausage, and ham down at the French Food Festival in Larose, LA.  For the 35th (or 36th?) year, my family will cook (onsite, from scratch) about 150 gallons of gumbo (partially eaten, pictured at left) on October 28, 29, and 30.  Stop by and say hello—I’ll be in the Gumbo booth all weekend.

The festival, staffed by volunteers, is the principal fundraiser for the Bayou Civic Club/Larose Regional Park.  Free parking and free admission mean that you can spend more money on food–really good food, like the aforementioned gumbo, homemade pralines, crawfish etouffee, alligator sauce piquante, shrimp boulettes, red beans, funnel cakes, cracklins, routee, oyster stew, jambalaya, fried fish, white beans, fried shrimp, and even ribeye steaks and stuffed potatoes.  (Note:  this is but a partial list; more than 20 items will be available.)

Get directions to the festival here.  This year’s festival will take place under a brand-new, all-weather permanent pavilion, so we’ll be high and dry no matter the weather.

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