Create your own personal cookbook: a SOFAB workshop

It is August, so it is officially too hot to go outside.  Correspondingly, I offer a short list of air-conditioned, heat-rejecting, food-related activities on the horizon for your consideration:

  1. Learn to create your own personal cookbook at the Southern Food & Beverage Museum’s workshop this Saturday, August 6th.
  2. Take yourself out for a nice lunch or dinner; a long list of restaurants are participating in the COOLinary New Orleans promotion, offering two courses for $20 (at lunch) or three courses for $35 (at dinner).  Take your pick from 50 different venues, offering choices from seafood to Italian to Creole and everything in between.
  3. Sign up for the Summer Beer Series at St. James Cheese Company.  These Wednesday classes pair 6 different craft beers with 6 different cheeses.  Read more about cheese classes at the St. James blog.
  4. Go to Asian Gourmet Market (3239 Williams Blvd, Kenner, LA) and buy Japanese ice cream novelties.  Pig out while sampling an array of ice-cream mochi; way more fun than an ordinary snowball….
  5. Refrigerated boiled crabs.  Aw, yeah.  You know it.
How are you beating the heat this August?

5 thoughts on “Create your own personal cookbook: a SOFAB workshop

  1. counting the seconds till October along with lots of salads. Celeste: are you doing a fall garden? Have you planted yet?

    • I have every intention of planting a fall garden, but my will has been undermined by heat & rain. Hoping to get the old plants cleared out this weekend. I did stick a few more zucchini seeds in the ground last weekend.

  2. Ever had any luck with spring tomatoes going into the fall? I have flowers on my spring ones. Tomato cut worms had a field day though. I need to freeze some of my basil and chives and oregano. This rain has been surreal.

  3. I’ve had a few spring plants make it through the summer, but they won’t set fruit again until nighttime temps cool off. Secondary crop fruit is usually small/poor quality, if any fruit sets at all.

  4. then i hate to be a plant murderer but i’m going to pitch them. Thanks for the advice. Don’t think i’ll mess with a fall crop. I did have a bumper crop of peppers this year which was nice.

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