Sea salt, turbinado, dark chocolate, & almonds

I’m feeling lucky today–a kind soul brought me Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered almonds, coated in sea salt and turbinado sugar.  Of all the excellent items sold at TJ’s, these almonds are my favorite.  Sure wish a Trader Joe’s would open some place closer than Atlanta…..the corporation recently announced a handful of new stores, but none are in the Deep South or Texas.

6 thoughts on “Sea salt, turbinado, dark chocolate, & almonds

  1. I was pipe-dreaming that they would open in one of the old Borders stores. I’ve never gotten to go to a Trader Joe’s yet. Those almonds looks delectable. I’d go for those in a heartbeat.

  2. I know those can’t be the same ones we brought you two years ago. We always have a carton in our house. The problem with TJ’s is that they get you hooked on something and then discontinue it, but so far they still carry these.

  3. Despair not! You can make your own at home rather easily. Melt some chocolate chips (add a pat of BUTTER), stir in whole almonds, spread out on waxed or parchment paper, quickly sprinkle on some Himalayan pink salt (I get mine from Sustainable Sourcing ) and turbinado. Allow to “set” and then consume. Wasn’t that easy?

    • I don’t mess around with coated chocolate making in the summer in south LA. Way too hot….my kitchen averages 75-80, depending on the cycling of the central A/C. Takes forever for the chocolate coating to set, which means refrigeration, which is a PITA. Maybe once the weather cools….

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