Thanh Truc Bistro in Kenner

Last week, I had one of those “proud to be an American” moments.  It happened at Kenner, LA’s, Thanh Truc Bistro (901 West Esplanade; 504.305.5070), a Vietnamese bakery and restaurant, where people of every shape, size, and color slurped pho while Eminem provided the soundtrack.  There I was, in a town laid out by a plantation owner and settled by Italian immigrant farmers that’s now 22% Hispanic, listening to white-boy hip hop in a Vietnamese restaurant.  Damn, I love my country….

See the Thanh Truc menu here at Urban Spoon.  The bistro, open for breakfast, offers a range of sweet and savory pastries, including French bread, croissants, and pate chaud (pork puff-pastry meat pies) and beef meat pies.

2 thoughts on “Thanh Truc Bistro in Kenner

  1. Love it. I had a similar feeling at Tan Dinh last weekend, watching a couple of old-ish white ladies, complete with blue hair, enjoying their pho.

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