Half a calf, coming soon

My friend Bridgett raises pastured Angus cattle in southwest Louisiana.  I’ll be buying half a calf soon, so I need a bigger freezer!  Chest freezers are cheaper than the upright models, but it’s so hard to figure out what’s inside.  If you have a freezer you really like, please let me know…

9 thoughts on “Half a calf, coming soon

  1. just please do not make the mistake I did. I bought a ridiculously expensive french door fridge/freezer. I cannot tell you how much I hate it. The freezer isn’t big enough but it sure is pretty. Good luck and please tell your brother I had fish tacos at another mexican restaurant and they still weren’t up to his places.

  2. My mom (like all cajun mothers, I think) has a standing deep-freeze which she loves. I can ask what it is if you’d like.

    We are thinking of getting a small chest freezer to extend the supplies of stock and tomato sauce kept on hand so I’d be interested in what you end up with.

  3. Just remember to figure in the cost of the generator to keep it going when a storm hits, or the loss of food when it decides to quit while you are on vacation or out of town for Tante Boudreaux’s funeral in New Orleans. The smell of numerous packages of rotting shrimp is quite heady (don’t ask, the memory still haunts me).

  4. I love my chest freezer. It’s a pain in the butt for organization, but I don’t keep things that I need handy in it. I keep those items in my refrigerator freezer. I like my chest freezer because I don’t have to worry about the door being left open. I got a 3 foot GE.

  5. Will any of us ever forget cleaning out freezers after Katrina? The smell still haunts me. With my little bitty french door freezer I can’t store much.

  6. I had a Kenmore which I did not like. Stuff fell at/on my feet several times when I opened the door, and I’m fairly organiized.I am about 5’4″ and it was shorter or as tall as I am. So, when it started leaking freon, we went to a Frigidaire- larger one-maybe 6 in. taller than me. We keep a half to a full calf most of the time since my hubby is a rancher. I keep the frozen meat in the bottom portion and veggies, fruit, etc. in the upper. My 80 year old mom bought one just like mine last year & we both like them a lot.They have a digital temp. read-out on the front door and a beeper that lets you know if the door is not shut completely or left open after a few seconds. It also has 2 wire drawers which I really love. Got them both at Lowes in Lake Charles. Have had the chest type and hate standing on my head to reach the bottom! I guess it depends on how often you will need to go into them/ how tall you are/ if you have back problems. However, a frozen duck on a big toe is not a happy event! ha!

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