Hillel’s kitchen

Hillel’s Kitchen, a weekdays-only cafe located inside the Goldie and Morris Mintz Center for Jewish Life (home to Tulane University’s Hillel organization, 912 Broadway, New Orleans, LA), is the latest addition to the University area lunchtime scene. 

Open Mondays through Thursdays from noon to 7 pm and Fridays from 12 to 3, the bright, spacious dining room is filled with oilcloth-topped tables.  The geographically wide-ranging kosher menu changes daily, and it spans the globe:  from Mediterranean favorites (hummus, babaganoush, felafel sandwiches–pictured) to American comfort food (hot dogs, chili dogs, fries, burgers, tuna sandwiches) to Mexican (fish tacos, burritos, guacamole), with a few stops in Asia (spicy veggie dosas, fish pho) and Europe (16-hour brisket, homemade focaccia). 

Clearly aimed at hungry students, the cafe’s menu prices start at $3.50, with no entrees priced above $12.  Today’s specials included chunky beef and potato stew studded with chickpeas and rice (see right), a smoked salmon and fried egg bagel, and a roasted eggplant and portabello sandwich.

So if you’re hovering around the Freret & Broadway area at lunchtime, dining options have expanded beyond pizza slices and crepes.

2 thoughts on “Hillel’s kitchen

  1. Yes, it was tasty & in the case of the sandwiches/tacos/guacamole, obviously freshly prepared. It’s not worth crossing town for (unless you’re in need of a kosher lunch), but if you’re already parked in the ‘hood, it is an affordable & satisfying lunch.

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