Two fisted sandwiches at the Milk Bar

Head over to the Touro Hospital neighborhood for a cure for the common sandwich.  The Milk Bar (on Aline St, between St. Charles & Prytania) serves up two-fisted creations like the Blue Heeler (roast beef, blue cheese, mushrooms, tomato, and onion), the I Dream of Aubergine (roasted eggplant and peppers), or the Speared Pig (ham, asparagus, and hollandaise).  A Thai chili lamb poboy, dressed with mozzarella, sour cream, tomato, red onion, and sweet Thai chili sauce, and a short list of hot poboys finish out the menu.  Pictured is the hot roast beef, fully dressed and layered with melted mozzarella and gravy.

Open weekdays from 8 am to 9 pm, The Milk Bar’s Aussie proprietors offer a different soup each day and spin hand-dipped milkshakes.  I ordered a chicken and corn soup, expecting a creamy, thick, chowdery New Orleans style bowl.  Instead, the soup was brothy and refreshing, loaded with corn kernels and fresh green onions.

See the whole menu on Urbanspoon. FYI:  “milk bar” is Australian slang for a corner store.


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