Portion control

Most of us eat too much, don’t we?  Portion control is a challenge.  It’s hard to walk away from a heaping platter of fried fish or chicken, or a serve-your-own frozen yogurt machine, or a rack of baby back ribs.  Barbecue/grilling is often a portionless meat-feast–my sister routinely grills a week’s dinners in one grill session!  (Though in her family’s defense, it usually does last a week.  But who needs meat every night?)

I was thinking about portion control as I tended a dozen chicken wings on my Mini Green Egg.  Ordinarily, I wouldn’t bother to fire up the grill for a measly 12 drumettes, but the Mini’s 9″ cooking grid is just the right size for a standard, tray-packaged portion of little wing nubbins.  I coated those wings with Tsunami Spin dry rub, cooked @ 350-400 degrees for 20-24 minutes (I estimate–as I really wasn’t watching the clock), and basted them with a mixture of maple syrup and Tiger sauce in the last few minutes of cooking.

So the Mini forced portion control upon me…guess I’ll need to use it more often!  It is perfectly sized for two chicken breasts or three/four thighs, two burgers, a few sausages, or a 6″ cast iron skillet (with the handle cut off).

Thinking of taking my Mini to Mardi Gras….

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