Cracklin’ trail

The latest compendium from the guys who brought you the Boudin Link and Lafayette’s Boudin CookOff:  it’s the Cracklin’ Trail, an online guide to Acadiana’s best fried pork fat purveyors.  The site scores cracklins in each of 5 categories, rating them on: crunch, meat/fat/skin, seasoning, presentation (including my favorite, the greasy paper bag), and overall impression.

Hmm, I can think of a few great gratons not on the list….namely, those fried up by Bourgeois Meat Market in Thibodaux, the meaty gratons cooked on Thursdays only at Wayne Jacobs Smokehouse in Laplace, and the spicy, puffy cracklins made at Plaisance Meat Market in Larose.

Isn’t the logo funny?  Somehow I’ve never before thought of gratons in the context of hiking, carrying a pack, or any sort of healthful physical endeavor.  (Unless you count the exertion of opening a beer as a healthful physical endeavor.)

7 thoughts on “Cracklin’ trail

  1. Ah, we’ll be happy to add those locations to the list as we hit the trail in search of new cracklin to sample. We may even take a car (instead of hiking) to get to those places you mention.

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