Cold go away; where to find chili?

By North American standards, south Louisiana winters are brief and mild….yet not brief or mild enough for my tastes.  Another few days of high 20s means that I’m looking for hot, brothy comfort food:  beef stew, chicken & sausage & oyster gumbo, potato gratin, pho tai, or even a steaming bowl of chili.

But a busy schedule as of late has kept me from the kitchen, so I’m relying on my stash of frozen soups.  Tonight, I’ll defrost black bean, corn, and chipotle chili.  If I can’t be warm on the outside, at least I’ll be warm on the inside.

Speaking of chili, I can’t think of a single (local) place to get a good bowl of chili.  I’m sure I’ve missed something….can’t you help me out?  Not interested in the thin, “hot-dog-sauce” variety of chili–I’d like something thicker, heartier, and altogether more satisfying.

8 thoughts on “Cold go away; where to find chili?

  1. I had an excellent bowl of beef and lamb chili from Gabrielle at the farmer’s market on Tuesday.

    But I don’t know where to get the stuff normally – I make my own and keep it in the freezer.

  2. I have always thought Wendy’s chili is pretty good. I don’t know where else to get it except Chili’s, and I don’t like theirs or at least paying the $5/bowl I make my own as Candice and keep it in the freezer. I also like it much better after I started skipping the ground meat and buying whole chuck roasts and trimming and searing and then adding.

    • I didn’t even know Chili’s served chili….shows you how long it’s been since I was inside one. Shredded or cubed beef is very nice in chili; I used brisket once and it turned out excellent (though it took forEVER to get tender).

  3. Chili Cook Off at the Westwego Farmers & Fisheries Market (I think it’s going to be February 12) – please call Cathy Pailet at Westwego City Hall 504-341-3424 for details.

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