Breaking tradition

Not only did I skip the cabbage and/or greens traditionally eaten on New Year’s Day, I didn’t have blackeyed peas, either.  This means I’ll be short of money, luck, and friends in 2011.  Oh, well–I’ll take my chances.  My first meal of 2011, a nontraditional t-bone steak (rubbed with Dizzy Pig’s Cow Lick steak seasoning, cooked on the Mini Green Egg) & frites, was tastier than cabbage & blackeyed peas by a mile.

Happy New Year, whether or not you upheld New Year’s food traditions.  Steel yourself:  King Cake season starts in just 5 days.

5 thoughts on “Breaking tradition

  1. We had red beans (made with Wayne Jacobs andouille) and rice. I’ve never learned to like blackeyed peas much. The other tradition in Arkansas was hog jowel, which I don’t mind but I don’t need all that fat.

    • How was the andouille? I’d think that red beans are as good as blackeyed peas for “bringing luck”….after all, it’s their sheer abundance that symbolizes luck (or new friends).

      • Andouille was good, and quite smoky. I have another one in the freezer, but will have to break down and order from the other Jacob’s if we’re going to have a Mardi Gras party.

  2. I like Dizzy Pig Cow Lick, I just wish I had tried it before this year.

    I thought of you when we made a jambalaya the other night….and used a package mix. I was so ashamed. But it was part of a gift from Alexis’ cousin in Metairie. I’m sure he meant well, lol.

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