Dizzy Pig rubs

Thanks to my secret Santa over at the Big Green Egg Egghead Forum, I have a selection of Dizzy Pig seasoning rubs:  he gifted me with the Raging River, Dizzy Dust, and Cowlick Steak rubs.  Dizzy Pig rubs are a favorite of the Egghead crowd, but sadly, no local retailers carry the rubs in my area.  So I was tickled pink to get three different DPs in my Christmas box….

I’ve been too busy to take the rubs on a proper spin (sorry, just couldn’t resist the pun), but I did sprinkle a bit of the Raging River on boneless, skinless chicken for a quick, weeknight grill on my Mini Green Egg.  Originally formulated for salmon, Raging River rub combines maple & turbinado sugars and a bouquet of spices–it “played nice” with the lean chicken without overpowering it.

Can’t wait ’til my schedule allows time to tackle a rack of ribs coated with Dizzy Dust…

2 thoughts on “Dizzy Pig rubs

  1. I’ve tried 4 of the DP rubs so far and my two favorites are the Cowlick and Tsunami Spin. I have the Raging River and wasn’t crazy about it on pork but it really wasn’t made for that. I just read that it could be used that way.

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