Six-dollar egg timer

The perfect soft-boiled egg…why is it so hard to achieve?  I like a soft-boiled egg–set whites, slightly firm yolk with a bit of runny right in the middle–on toasted brioche, but it’s a struggle to get it right (especially before my first cup of coffee).  Sometimes the yolk is too runny, other times the white hasn’t set:  despite using the same pot, the same level of heat, and the same timing.  Oh, sure, hard-boiled is easy, but a soft-boiled orb straddling the line between liquid and solid is a challenge.

Or it WAS a challenge, before I acquired a handy-dandy, $6 drop-in-the-pot egg timer.  The heat-sensitive plastic chunk changes colors from red to black, showing the egg’s progress from liquid to solid.  Hallulejah!  I can use any pot, any temperature, any egg and be assured of semiliquidity.

(Please don’t tell me that boiling a hunk of plastic is a bad idea.  I figure that the eggshell is a sturdy, protective barrier against anything leaching out of the plastic timer.)

5 thoughts on “Six-dollar egg timer

  1. I’ve had one for just about a year now and love it. I like mine right on the Medium/Soft line. Nice explanation – I’ve tried to explain to folks that this is different for just using a timer, but they don’t seem to get it.

    • Yes–it works so much better than just timing the egg after the water boils. It is foolproof–the only way to consistently get medium eggs, in my experience.

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