Keepin’ cool with cherries

My new favorite mixer & all-around cooler:  Knudsen’s “Just Black Cherry”, a 100% black cherry juice I picked up at Rouse’s.  Tart, a tiny bit sweet, and dark red, black cherry juice is delicious by itself, mixed with sparkling water & lemon, added to limeade, frozen into cubes for chilling sangria, or just about any other way you choose to drink it.  I haven’t added it to my standard Pimm’s Cup yet, but I will get to that very soon…

Knudsen’s offers other flavors in its “Just” line, with pure blueberry, pomegranate, black currant, cranberry, and tart cherry juices available.  The straight juices are a nice change from 100% juice drinks based on concord or white grape juices…I think the “grapey” taste usually overwhelms all other flavors in most 100% juice blends.

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