Affected by the oil spill?

Impacted by the oil spill?  Make your voice heard…see the info below, from the Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation:

Dear Louisiana Cultural Community,

The Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation is concerned about the impact of the Gulf Coast oil spill to our cultural economy industries. We understand that this disaster will have an effect on Louisiana’s productivity and the livelihood of our cultural workers, from the fisherman working our waterways and shores, to culinary artists and the businesses that thrive on our seafood and tourism industry. We also understand that the effects of this disaster may not be limited to seafood and culinary workers and may affect artists, performers, writers and other cultural producers.

The Arts Council of New Orleans has been contacted by national foundations and service organizations asking about the effect of the oil spill on our cultural community. This survey is for individual artists, non-profits, and cultural businesses. LCEF in partnership with the Arts Council of New Orleans would like to ask you to please take a moment to complete this quick, anonymous survey to share your story.

To take the survey, please click here.

If you have already completed this survey, you do not have to fill it out again. However, if you, or someone you know, has been affected directly by this tragedy, we would like to hear your story. If there is any information you would like to share with us that is not addressed in the survey, please reply to this email to tell your story.

Thank you in advance for sharing this vital information. We need to stay informed so we can better serve Louisiana and its cultural workers.


Lisa Picone, Program Manager
Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation

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