Yet another coffee maker

Another day, another coffee pot:  or so it seems, at my house.  SOMEbody keeps acquiring new & novel ways to brew a cuppa joe.  Let’s see, we’re up to 8 or 9 coffee devices, including the newest, a stainless steel Bialetti Moka pot (since the Bodum Santos vaccuum pot shattered recently, I couldn’t complain too much about new coffee gear).  I’m perfectly happy with the espresso from the Breville machine, but for some reason, Mr. Bouillie is still chasing the perfect cup.

(He would like me to add that he has fewer coffee pots than I have Le Creuset pots.  I argue that LC aren’t single purpose devices, so it’s not a valid comparison.)

Anyway, the Moka pot makes a nice cup of coffee:  it’s thick, but clean.  No crema, but it produces coffee with sufficient body to stand up to condensed milk.

5 thoughts on “Yet another coffee maker

  1. I always seem to burn my coffee when I use a stovetop espresso pot. I guess I don’t monitor the situation closely enough. I use a Bodum French press for my best results.

  2. The key is not to turn the fire up too high, and to listen. The pot will gurgle at first, then when it is close to completion, it will hiss for a brief period (a couple of seconds). You have to take it off and let it sit during the hiss. That should make a good cup. You also need to use the right type and grind of coffee. The grind should not be as fine as espresso–a true italian Moka ground coffee is a little finer than american drip coffee, but more coarse than espresso ground. If you use too fine of a grind the resulting coffee may be bitter, or could taste a bit burnt.

    The final key is to use a good quality coffee. My favorites are from Orleans Coffee Exchange. The Espresso Italia and Espresso Crema make the best moka pot coffee.

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