Wokking on the Big Green Egg

I’m beginning to channel my inner Ron Popeil (“it slices, it dices, it juliennes!”) when it comes to my Big Green Egg. As if being a first-class smoker, grill, and ceramic pizza oven wasn’t enough, now it’s a wok burner.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen:  it stir-fries, too.  Have you been chasing wok hei on your underpowered gas stove?  Have you lusted after your local Chinese restaurant’s crazy-powerful gas jets?  Put all of that to rest and get a Big Green Egg and the Woo3 cooking ring (a stainless steel insert used to raise the cooking grid or hold a wok).

Okay, it won’t stir-fry in the manufacturer’s original configuration, but with the nifty aforementioned aftermarket part from the Ceramic Grill Store, the large Big Green Egg becomes a charcoal-fired wok stove.  (Did you know that traditional Chinese wok stoves are coal-fired?)   I cranked out a very respectable veggie fried rice in less than 10 minutes after the the Egg reached 550 degrees, despite a less-than-full load of lump charcoal.  I can’t wait to try again with a full firebox!

2 thoughts on “Wokking on the Big Green Egg

    • They’re pretty awesome tools…go over to Bassil’s Ace Hardware on Transcontinental (just lakeside of West Esplanade) and you can see them in person. On weekends, the Bassil’s workers are often grilling or smoking something outside the store.

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