Meatball pizza

The meatball pizza at Domenica is inspired:  tender lamb meatballs, ricotta, fresh mint, and a light tomato puree, scattered atop a tender-crisp, Naples-style crust.  The results are surprisingly light and lively, light-years away from an ordinary, greasy meatball pie.  Chef  Alon Shaya table-hopped during brunch last weekend, and I took the opportunity to pick his brain about quality, domestic ricotta cheese.  (I haven’t found any ricotta remotely as delicious as what I ate all over Campania back in February.)  He recommended Dancing Ewe Farm’s ricotta, produced in rural upstate New York, but he cautioned that it has an extremely short shelf life.

Now if I can just persuade St. James Cheese Company to stock it from time to time…

Back to brunch:  four or five special breakfasty dishes supplement the standard menu on the weekends.  Sausage, peppers, and poached eggs over polenta, while not especially photogenic, was rich and filling.  The highlight of the dish?  Poached-to-order, perfect eggs.

5 thoughts on “Meatball pizza

    • Several of the other brunch items sounded great. I was tempted by a lamb panino special, but the pizza gets me every time.

  1. By the way… You can also make ricotta from whole milk, there’s a decent recipe in Mario Batali’s Italian grill.

    I used smith creamery milk, and it was seriously awesome.

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