A food critic’s food diary, with calorie counts

Ever wondered what a food critic eats?  The NY Times’ Sam Sifton posted a weekly  food diary, complete with calorie counts, online.  It’s a bit scary:  Sifton easily tops 3,000 calories on an average day.  Perhaps most interesting to folks reading this blog, Sifton was traveling outside New York City during part of the week, and he asks readers to guess what city he visited  (hint:  he ate alligator, pork rinds, oysters rockefeller, shrimp & andouille gumbo, pho, and crabmeat sauteed in butter with artichoke hearts).  So his mega-calorie counts were influenced by our oh-so-rich local food culture.

According to Sifton, he’s hoping to stimulate dialogue on the “intersection of eating and health.”  Hello, Mr. Sifton?  Eating + health is not an intersection:  eating + health is the whole damn highway.  Unless he gets up off of his computer chair, this guy is headed for morbid obesity on a high-speed train.  Maybe he’s hoping his employer will pick up his gym membership…..or maybe he loves New Orleans so much, he wants to LOOK like a local.

3 thoughts on “A food critic’s food diary, with calorie counts

  1. Looks like that Thursday dinner was at Cochon, and I’d guess Mahoney’s for the Saturday lunch. Where do you think the Vietnamese was?

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