More than just a Monday

Everywhere else in the world, today is just a Monday, no different from the start of last week or next week.  In Minneapolis today, it’s 26 degrees and snowing.  In Minneapolis today, no one is sitting outside in the sun, tending a Smoky Joe, thinking about how victory long deferred is sweetest.

Here in the Who Dat Nation, we’re not ready to let go of last night’s celebration.  We kept the tailgate party rolling at my office today, grilling hot dogs and brats out on the patio.  Throw in a CrockPot of chili, some homemade pimento cheese, everybody’s party leftovers from last night, and not one but two king cakes from Randazzo’s Camellia City bakery, and you have a feast.

The taste of victory?  An Oscar Meyer hot dog slathered in Hormel chili, stuffed into a toasted bun smeared with pimento cheese. 

No, it’s not gourmet.  No, it’s not some tired cliche of New Orleans cuisine.  But we ate it, and it was good.

Yes, the Saints are really, truly going to the Superbowl, after 43 years of trying.

Start planning your Superbowl party menus now!

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