World’s largest hummus brings village together

An Arab-Jewish village near Jerusalem pulled together to create a +9,000-pound hummus, using a satellite dish as a platter.  The proud citizens of Abu Ghosh now hold the official Guinness “world’s largest hummus” title, reclaiming it from the previous Lebanese record-holders.

According to the AP:

“The driving force behind the Israeli hummus dish, Jawdat Ibrahim, an Israeli Arab restaurateur who became a millionaire after winning a lottery in the U.S., played down the conflict, saying “competition is a healthy thing.”

“Today we have the hummus. Hopefully, we will have the talks for peace in our region,” he said.”

The AP did not detail how many loaves of pita were needed to eat the giant hummus.  I LOVE this article:  it has everything….ridiculous quantities of food, pride over a local edible specialty, civic boosterism, a lottery winner, a desire for world peace.  Plus, a satellite dish used as serving ware.  It’s a whole damn epic novel in one news story!

2 thoughts on “World’s largest hummus brings village together

    • I wonder who provided the 5,000 breads; one big industrial bakery, or lots of little ones? That’s quite a quantity of bread for a small village.

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