Black iron potatoes

Add another dish to the list of impossible-without-a-cast-iron-skillet items:  crispy, diced potato hash browns.  Fry two slices bacon in a cast iron skillet.  Do not wipe out the skillet. Add diced onions and saute for a bit, then add diced russet potatoes, salt, black pepper (or Tony’s creole seasoning).  Pop on a lid and cook until the potatoes are tender, scraping the browned bits off the bottom every so often.

Sure, you could skip the cooking, go out for brunch and get crispy hash browns on demand, but that would require 1)getting dressed and 2)living someplace civilized enough to have restaurants serving skillet potatoes.  Hey, we’re not all so lucky.  Make your own breakfast luck with a cast iron skillet.

4 thoughts on “Black iron potatoes

  1. Great looking hash browns, Celeste! I’ve been doing a lot of cast iron cooking this week and this would be good for this coming Saturday morning. Thanks for posting.

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