Meat muffins

What do you get when you combine browned pork breakfast sausage and a box of Jiffy corn bread mix?  Some folks might call it sausage cornbread, but my nephew coined the term “meat muffin.”  Oh, yeah:  this is every Southern kid’s favorite kind of shortcut home cooking.  Hot out the oven, split and reheated with butter, or recycled into cornbread dressing, meat muffins are cornbread buttered from the inside out.

Sure, you can take the high road and make scratch buttermilk cornbread with stone-ground meal, and go out of your way to get bulk pork sausage straight from the farmer.  If you go through all that trouble, you might as well stir in a handful of chopped green onions into the batter and whip a little Steen’s cane syrup into salted Smith’s Creamery  butter for slathering on the tops.  Even gussied up, I’d still call it  a meat muffin.

4 thoughts on “Meat muffins

    • I like Pioneer, too, but it’s hard to find in stores around here. I bought some at Guenther House in San Antonio, right at the 100+ year-old mill where Pioneer meal is still ground (on the banks of the river). Jiffy has too much sugar in it, to my taste.

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