Bayou Lafourche gumbo

In my mind’s eye, a good seafood gumbo is the same color as Bayou Lafourche after a week of heavy rain.  Pictured:  crab, shrimp, and okra gumbo (with a little smoked sausage, too) from Blackie’s Po-Boy Shop (5674 Highway 1, Lockport, LA, 985.532.5117‎).   Despite the name, Blackie’s offers far more than poboys, featuring a daily lunch special (crab & shrimp stew during my last visit), three different gumbos (seafood, shrimp/okra, and chicken/sausage), and  a long list of fried seafood.

For comparison’s sake, a photo of Bayou Lafourche at Lockport after a week of heavy winter rain, thick with the runoff from cut-over sugarcane fields.  I took the photo about 15 minutes after I finished eating the gumbo.

Not exactly the same shade, but pretty close.

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